RYA Yachtmaster theory (English version)

Advanced skippers wishing to gain the top international certificate, the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, the ultimate for any leisure skipper and the gateway to commercial skippers.

The course is taught to a limited group of participants (maximum 12 people).

Target group

Advanced skippers wishing to gain the international top-level licence RYA Yachtmaster.
Previous knowledge

It is absolutely essential that you have already completed the RYA DaySkipper course. This is because we will be covering the DaySkipper course in greater depth. This course is absolutely unsuitable for beginners.

Although certifications such as the Belgian Yachtman or the Dutch TKN are similar to the RYA Day Skipper, we do note a lower success rate at the end of the RYA Yachtmaster course due to the amount of nautical English terminology that is used.

The RYA Yachtmaster course requires a knowledge of the English language. The course is delivered entirely in English, and all of the accompanying books and reference materials are also in English.

After completing the theory course (and later the practical), you will be able to plan multi-day cruises without stopping at any port.

Note: If you want to obtain the full Yachtmaster certificate, you will also have to complete the practical part.


Making a passage plan with course calculations
Thorough knowledge of maritime charts
Calculating variation and deviation
Extensive calculation of currents and water depths
Various position measurements
Electronic navigation using GPS and chart plotter
Thorough study of the International Collision Regulations
The IALA buoyage
Extensive meteorological and meteorological knowledge
The IMO regulations
Safety and dealing with emergencies


You receive the Yachtmaster course package from us:

RYA Yachtmaster textbook in full colour
2 RYA practice cards (RYA chart 3 & 4)
RYA Training Almanac
Admiralty 5011 chart legend (Charts & Symbols)
Sailing school navigator bag

Necessary extras

The student will also need a navigation set (set of navigation compass and Breton plotter).  For this course, the use of a Breton plotter and compass is absolutely necessary; these aids will be used intensively. We recommend a real navigation compass as presented in our Deluxe set. The compass and breton plotter are included for the online course, excluded for classical course.
An eraser
A 2B pencil (+ sharpener) or a mechanical pencil
Stationery and paper

RYA – Royal Yachting Association

The exam for the English RYA Yachtmaster certificate is taken by our school at the end of the course.

The RYA certificates are the most internationally recognised and acclaimed.

Vaarschool.be is an accredited RYA Training Centre and is authorised to award these internationally acclaimed certificates upon successful completion of the written exam.

The course consists of 40 hours of training followed by the written exam (5 hours). This exam is set by the RYA and guarantees uniformity of examination throughout the world. The date of the exam is arranged in mutual consultation. You therefore take the exam when you think you are ready.

Following a positive assessment, you will be awarded your RYA/MCA Coastal / Shorebased Yachtmaster certificate.


This course is organised for 825 euros per person. The study books and the examinations are included in the registration fee.