RYA Yachtmaster Sail (English version)

Advanced skippers wishing to gain the top international Yachtmaster Offshore qualification, the ultimate in skippering and the gateway to commercial skippering.

Prior knowledge

It is absolutely essential that you have already completed the RYA DaySkipper Practical Course (Sailing). This course builds on what you learnt on the course. This course is absolutely unsuitable for beginners.

The RYA Yachtmaster course requires a knowledge of the English language. The course is delivered entirely in English and any exam for Yachtmaster Offshore will also be conducted in English.
Examination Yachtmaster Offshore

If you wish to take the exam (this is not compulsory), you will need to provide the price for the exam. You will need to settle this with the RYA examiner. This is approximately 210 GBP + any travel costs of the examiner. Travel costs to be divided by the number of candidates.

Of course, the costs are also payable if the candidate fails the exam. The exam itself takes 1 to 2 days.

Your instructor will inform you after the training if you are ready for a possible exam, or will inform you if you have any points to work on.


During this 5-day programme, the instructor will coach you in the parts you need to know in order to succeed in the eventual exam:

Passage planning and meteorology
Voyage preparation and safety at sea
Ship maintenance
Knowledge of IRPCS (Collisions at Sea)
Blind navigation
Navigation at night
Skipper techniques


Please have a look at the practical guidelines for this course.

RYA – Royal Yachting Association

The RYA certifications are the most internationally recognised and valued certifications.

Vaarschool.be is an accredited RYA Training Centre and is authorised to award these internationally acclaimed certificates upon successful completion of the written exam.


This course is priced at €999 per person.