RYA Dayskipper Theory (English version)

Theory RYA Dayskipper

With this theory course as a basis, the novice skipper can take to the water in an informed manner.

This course starts where the learning material for the Belgian Steering Licence stops. Subjects such as navigation, tides, meteorology, safety and so on are covered in depth. You will be familiar with these concepts, but in this Day Skipper course you will also learn where they come from.

The content of this RYA/MCA basic course is comparable to that of the Belgian Yachtman course or the Dutch TKN. After completing this course, you will have sufficient – at least theoretical – knowledge to navigate in familiar waters by day. We specifically chose the English system of the RYA, because it is a globally recognised organisation, and as a result the certificates are also recognised globally.

The main purpose of the knowledge transferred is to be able to apply the theory to safe navigation.

Classes are given to a limited group of participants (maximum 12 persons).

Target group

Beginning skippers (sailing or motor) or skippers with limited experience who want to learn to sail with knowledge, both at sea and on inland waterways. After following this theory course, you will be able to safely sail day trips at sea.

In principle, no prior knowledge is required, but if you already know the concepts of navigation as they are applied in the lessons for the General Steering Licence, you do have a head start. We recommend that you obtain the General Pilot’s Licence before starting the Day Skipper course.

The Day Skipper course requires a knowledge of English, the language used at sea.

The course is conducted in English. All supporting documents are also in English.

Attention: If you want to obtain the full Day Skipper certificate, you will also have to complete the practical course.


Traditional navigation techniques
Course calculations
Variation and deviation
Reading and understanding navigation charts
Electronic navigation by gps
International Regulations
IALA buoyage
Meteorology and weather forecasting
IMO regulations
Calculation of currents and water depths
Safety and emergency situations

Course material

You receive from us the Day Skipper Learning Package:

A full-colour RYA Day Skipper book
2 RYA practice cards (RYA charts 3 & 4)
RYA practice book
RYA Training Almanac
Admirality 5011 chart legend (Chart Symbols)
Practice navigation software package (download)
Certificate 'DaySkipper Shorebased' after passing the exam

Necessary extras

The trainee also needs a navigation set (set of navigation compass and Breton plotter).  For this course, the use of a Breton plotter and compass is absolutely necessary; these aids will be used intensively. We recommend a real navigation compass as presented in our Deluxe set. The compass and breton plotter are included for the online course, excluded for classical course.
An eraser
A 2B pencil (+ sharpener) or a mechanical pencil
Stationery and paper

RYA – Royal Yachting Association

The exam for the RYA/MCA Day Skipper certificate is taken by our school at the end of the course.

The RYA certificates are the most internationally recognised and valued certificates.

Vaarschool.be is an accredited RYA Training Centre and is authorised to award these internationally acclaimed licences upon successful completion of the written exam.

If you pass, we will send you the Dayskipper Shorebased certificate.

This course is organised for 365 euros per person. The study books and the examinations are included in the registration fee.