RYA DaySkipper Sail (English version)

This sailing course will teach you how to perform the important task of captain.

Your theoretical training as an RYA Day Skipper is now put into practice.

Skippering a yacht for the first time is an exciting but satisfying activity for many. The RYA DaySkipper course is designed to teach you how to be ‘in command’ safely and independently.

After all, a skipper does more than just navigate; he is fully responsible for the safety of the yacht and crew. This responsibility includes: taking into account the weather forecast, choosing the right sail plan, engine maintenance, keeping a lookout, safety checks and passage planning.
During the course, the students stay on the yacht together with the instructor. During the course, they will sail to other ports and switch roles between skipper, navigator and crew.

There is a maximum of 4 students on board the yacht, giving everyone sufficient time to learn and perform effectively.

Target group

This sailing course is designed for the sailor who already has a first experience of sea sailing.
You can - under supervision - skipper a yacht, perform man-over-boarding on engine and moor a yacht in a harbour in simple conditions
You can handle the ropes, know the most important knots and terms such as tacking, jibing, jibing, slacking off, tightening and rigging
You already have a basic knowledge of (right of way) rules on the water

Necessary previous knowledge

Competent Crew Member or equivalent experience
Theory training RYA Day Skipper or equivalent navigation and theory knowledge e.g. Jachtman (B) or TKN (NL)


On these courses, you will learn how to sail, manoeuvre and plan trips, but also what life on a ship is like.
During the course, trips are made, other ports are visited and overnight stays are accommodated in other ports. In consultation with the other course members and the instructor, a plan is made of the ports we will call at and where we will spend the night.

During this five-day sailing course, we will teach you

plan a trip
sailing courses under different conditions
Calculating currents and depths
Man over board exercise
harbour manoeuvres
crew handling
Use of marine radio, gps and radar
Navigation and light recognition at night

The RYA DaySkipper course involves a minimum of 100 miles and 4 hours of night sailing. The students (max. 4) stay on the vessel during the course together with the instructor.

Please have a look at the practical guidelines for this course.


This course programme is offered at a price of 820 euro.
Discounts may apply to your enrolment.