RYA Competent Crew (English version)

This practical sailing course for beginners covers all aspects of sea sailing and will train you to be a full crew member.

Sailing a yacht is teamwork. A skipper must be able to count on his or her crew. The crew must also be competent to replace the skipper when necessary.

This means that a competent crew member can think along and help out with the skipper in all matters, but can also safely carry out a ‘Man-overboard’ manoeuvre if the skipper falls into the water.

As a competent crew member, you will also learn how to safely moor the yacht in case the skipper is ill.

We sleep and eat on board with the instructor for the duration of the course. During the course, we sail, visit other ports and stay overnight in other ports. In consultation with the other course members and the instructor, we plan the ports of call and overnight stays.

There are a maximum of 4 course participants on board the yacht, so everyone gets enough time to learn and perform effectively. This sailing training can also take place on your own ship.

Target group

This sailing course is for the beginner who wants to get to know the joys of sailing a cabin yacht.
This course is also an ideal springboard for those who have already sailed in small, open boats.
This course is also interesting for those who already have some experience as a passenger/co-sailor. You will be trained by us to be a full crew member to sail under the supervision of a skipper.
No special prior knowledge is required to participate in this sailing course.


During this five-day sailing course, we teach you

Know and understand nautical terms (English/Dutch)
Sail handling such as tacking and un-reefing, sail trim
Mastering, jibe, reefing, tightening and rigging
Sailing a course by compass
Basic rules for right of way
Basic manoeuvring in a harbour by engine
Ropes, rigging, tying of cleats and knots
All aspects of safety (flares, raft, life jackets, lifelines, etc...)
Man over board exercise
Communication with the skipper
Cooking and living on board

The RYA Competent Crew course involves a minimum of 100 miles and 4 night hours of sailing. Students will stay on board with the instructor for the duration of the course. In the case of successive sailings, overnight stays will also be provided.

Take a look at the practical guidelines for this course.


This teaching programme is offered at a price of €745 and includes overnight accommodation on the boat, harbour fees, qualified RYA skipper/instructor, fuel, etc. Discounts may apply.
Breakfast and lunch at midday are included in the price.
As just about everything is included we do not operate a ship's purse. The evening meal is determined by mutual agreement (usually the skipper knows the right addresses ashore...) Everyone pays for his own food and drinks in the evening. In consultation, evening meals can also be cooked on board, in which case the costs are shared.
The participants stay on board for the duration of the course together with the instructor.
Discounts may apply to your enrolment.